How to Reset iPhone Without Passcode?

Posted on Aug 2 2021 11:45 AM

"Having an iPhone has countless benefits. Among them, you can surely assure the security of your personal data. You are not even worried about your iPhone if someone stole it. But without a passcode anyone can theoretically use your iPhone. "

If someone wants to use your iPhone then he must restore it. After all the data has been deleted that means no one can access your personal data even if you lost your iPhone. So don’t worry about your family or personal photos who you want to keep secret against the public eye.

Do you want to  factory reset iphone without passcode? Well, it is nearly impossible for anyone to recover your data if you have already forgotten your passcode. So it is advisable if your iPhone is out of lock now then you should follow these steps to get back up your data.

The one and only requirement to get your iphone reset is to enable a feature called “Find My iPhone” in your phone. You can easily reset it without your passcode and even without a computer. 

But if you do not even enable Find My iPhone on your handset then here are a few tips for you that will help you to reset your iPhone without a passcode. So, if you want to reset your iPhone then read on how to reset it instantly. This guide will not require any professional help or any advanced knowledge of phones. Let’s get started.


How Much Iphone Security Is Secure For You?

Let me give you some facts about iPhone security features. In 2016, even the FBI was not able to crack into the iPhone which was used by one criminal. Even the government asked Apple to create such an iOS that will help the government to tackle Law enforcement and crack the iPhone’s high-level security. But, instead of helping the government Apple denied and said that user’s security is utmost for us.

The only reason behind the FBI not being able to crack into the suspect’s locked iPhone is that Apple always focuses on pretty brilliant and advanced security measures.  The simple meaning is that if you lose your passcode and try so many times then the device will erase all the data automatically by itself.

This provides huge security benefits to its users from an outsider. Even if someone tries it countless times it’s not possible for anyone to crack it. On the other hand, if you forget or lose your passcode then you forget your data.


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How to Reset Your Iphone without a Passcode? (Require Enabled Find My Iphone)

It is quite simple and easier to reset your phone with the Find My iPhone feature. But on the opposite side, you have to lose all your data from your device. However, if you already back up your data on iCloud or somewhere else then it is not difficult for you to get it back on your iPhone.

And, for a person who does not have any backup; sorry but there is no way to get back access to your phone without erasing all your data.


Find these steps if you have a back up of your iPhone:

  • Firstly, go through iCloud and do log in on the Find My iPhone website
  • Just simply enter details like your Apple ID and your password. Here you don’t need to enter your iPhone passcode, because you just need to access your Apple account.
  • Then do a selection of your iPhone from the drop-down list.
  • Once you select your device, just click on a button called “Erase iPhone”
  • In few minutes you can able to access your iPhone and create new passcode, and restore your data from the backup devices.


Reset your iPhone without a passcode with the help of iTunes

While a majority of iPhone users are not aware of the Find My iPhone feature and have not enabled it. However, if you want to know about any other method which helps you to get your back phone from the new level then this method will help you. This method also deletes all your personal data from the device.

1. For iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus users:

  • First, press the side button of your phone along you need to press any volume button as well. 
  • Press both of these buttons until you see any power off slider
  • Then just slide it towards to power off menu.
  • After that, you need to hold the side button and connect your iPhone with a computer. 
  • You need to press the button until you see any recovery mode.


2. For iPhone 7 or & Plus users:

  • Here you just need to press the side button until you see any power off slider.
  • Power off your phone along with pressing the volume down button until connecting your iPhone with the computer and wait for the recovery mode option.

Once you get recovery mode access you need to click on restore where you get to access your phone and can reinstall your data if you have backups.