Privacy Policy

The privacy policy statement stated on this document covers the entire website owned and operated by The Express

Sharing of Information

The Express Wire operates a newswire service that distributes and broadcasts the content of press releases submitted by our registered users to various third parties. This information is limited to the text content, the graphics, and the category information of the press release. All of these are submitted by or on behalf of the originating unit. We are not responsible for personal information that is uploaded to be included in a press release intended for distribution. Sharing of such information along with a press release indicates agreement with the stated policy.

The Express Wire has a profile section, which consists of published information submitted by or on behalf of the originating unit. All information published in this section has been unequivocally approved for distribution or broadcast by our registered users or is public knowledge.

The Express Wire may be required to provide information to a law enforcement agency, but only as the result of a request relating to a specific legal proceeding. Users that have questions or concerns regarding this statement should contact us for further information.

Sharing of Information

The information collected by The Express Wire during the account registration process is used to notify users about changes and updates to our service and to inform of changes in company policy or procedures. We firmly state that this information is not shared with any third party or organization for any purpose.

If you wish to decline communication of any form from The Express Wire, please notify us via email or through our contact numbers. Should our privacy policy change in the future, we will post the policy changes to our website and notify you. You will have the choice of accepting or rejecting the changes.

If you feel that The Express Wire is not adhering to its stated privacy policies, please feel free to let us know the details.