Highlight Your Company

Achieve recognition with journalists and help grow your brand through a new audience by frequently sharing unique newsworthy events about your company. Reveal vital contact information for increased interaction with journalists and visits to your website.

We Guide You From Draft to Distribution

Quickly analyze the essential elements of your press releases at a glance. Utilize the check list as a guideline when constructing your press releases. Preview your content before distribution, to see how it will appear to journalists. Fine tune your press release distribution by using location, industry, topic, and specialty media targeting.

Upload Once, Use Everywhere

Increase your visibility with multimedia and expand your audience. Your multimedia content will be available on ReleaseWire MediaWire, in your company profiles, and on your hosted newsrooms. Enhance your press releases by attaching photos, videos, audio files, documents, and related links at no extra charge. Journalists can get your multimedia content that they need to enhance their story on their schedule.

Increase Viewer Engagement

Use multimedia to convey your message to viewers in unique ways, keeping them engaged with your content. Include a video hosted on sites such as YouTube, to show a new product demo. Provide listeners with a full audio recording of a teleconference or webcast. Include a product brochure in PDF format. MediaWire gives you the flexibility to convey your message using a mix of rich content.

Increase Media Engagement

With today’s media landscape, journalists, editors and bloggers are being asked to increasingly produce more content using less resources. By including multimedia content in your press releases, company profiles and professional profile, you will make it easier for influential journalists to create engaging content about your company.

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